Hello I’m Sandra

Welcome to my Barefoot Blog, this is where I will share my stories about presenting Barefoot Books and resources. As well as being Owner/Manager of Early Years CPD Barefoot Books, I run Early Years CPD an Independent Learning and Business Development Consultancy supplying accredited CPD to professionals working in the childcare sector. I also work as an Instructional Designer creating and designing bespoke e-learning modules for a variety of organisations.

I am so proud of the wonderful products that I distribute as an Ambassador for Barefoot Books, and to be part of the Barefoot community that I decided to create this blog to relate some of my adventures along the way.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 23.34.08

Early Years CPD Barefoot Books shares Barefoot products and resources with parents, children, businesses, nurseries, schools and many other organisations, online, internationally and in London and the South East.

The resources are fun, have a diverse appeal and are beautifully crafted. They’re also great for supporting all areas of children’s development including communication, language and literacy something I feel very passionate  about.

Check out the links on this site to learn more about us and to experience the full range of Barefoot products and services that we offer for yourself.

Look forward to hearing from you soon… Happy browsing!

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