Pledge a gift for FRED

11535911_974097879301459_7788613453155734874_nWe’re getting behind Fathers Reading Every Day (FRED) by sharing details of the Fatherhood Institute’s  crowdfunding campaign to get dads into the reading habit by simply reading a bedtime story to their children. A bedtime story with Dad supports children’s wellbeing, promotes attachment, literacy, communication and language development. To watch the campaign video, read more about the campaign and to pledge click here.

National Women in Engineering Day

darasclevertrap_ukuspb_fc_rgb_72dpi_425px_w-4National Women in Engineering Day (NWED) is a day dedicated to highlighting the achievements of women in engineering. What are you going to do promote National Women in Engineering Day on 23rd June 2015? If you’re stuck for ideas check out this site .

We’re going to use our story of an engineer princess to  inspire young girls to look at the opportunities for and achievements of women within this area of work. You can find out more ‘Dara’s Clever Trap‘ here. Be sure to look at the NWED website, where there are some fantastic resources available to help you promote the day.

Fathers’ Story Week 15 – 21 June

BFB_Facebook_FathersDay_504x504_0415We’re helping to spread the word about Fathers’ Story Week which starts 15th June and runs right up until Fathers’ Day on 21st. The annual ‘taster event’ organised by the Fatherhood Institute has been urging schools and early years settings up and down the country to get involved.

There are some great resources are available here to help you engage Dads and father figures during that week. For some additional stories click here. For articles and gift ideas for fathers day browse our page on Pinterest below.

National Book Start Week 8 – 14 June

ANIMALBOOGIE_GENPBCDEX_FC_TEMP_W_1-2Bookstart supports parents to enjoy reading with their children ‘from as early age as possible’. This week is National Book Start Week and the theme is the jungle. ‘The Animal Boogie‘ is our musical contribution.

Browse over to their site to find out how you can join in with more jungle themed fun ‘to celebrate the joys of reading every day’.  For resources and further information click here.

Reading Readiness Has To Do With The Body

Laura Grace Weldon

reading readiness, kids sit too much, Sitting down. (public domain by Jusben)

Today’s kids sit more than ever. Babies spend hours confined in car seats and carriers rather than crawling, toddling, or being carried. As they get older their days are often heavily scheduled between educational activities and organized events. Children have 25 percent less time for free play than they did a generation ago, and that’s before factoring in distractions like TV or video games.

Left to their own devices, children move. They hold hands and whirl in a circle till they fall down laughing. They beg to take part in interesting tasks with adults. They want to face challenges and try again after making mistakes. They climb, dig, and run. When they’re tired they like to be rocked or snuggled. Stifling these full body needs actually impairs their ability to learn.

Sensory experience and fun. (CC by 2.0 Micah Sittig)


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Barefoot Books Summer Reading Programme

BFB_Facebook_SummeReadingProgramTeasers_960px_ComingSoon-2I’m very excited to share that Barefoot Books’ Summer Reading Programme is launching soon! Twelve weeks of email support designed to help parents and carers prevent summer brain drain.

Features of the support include literacy tips and activities to help you and the children you care for, stay sharp during the summer. Don’t miss out! Click on this link to sign up.

Child Safety Week 1- 7 June 2015


Child Safety Week is organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust and runs from the 1st June to 7th June this year. The aim of the week to promote awareness about to keep children safe from serious accidents.

Settings, parents, carers and practitioners can get involved by visiting their website and registering to access resources to organise awareness raising events and activities. Click here for further information. We’re getting involved by circulating information via our blogs and social networks. The resources make great learning tools for teaching child safety – so go on ‘be a safety hero!’