Book Review: The Storm Whale In Winter


I think we’ve made our feelings abundantly clear about our love for Benji Davies‘ ‘The Storm Whale‘. So when we began to see snippets of a sequel, we were thrilled to hear about a new, impending adventure for Noi and his Dad. But as with all sequels, we also felt a little tug on our heartstrings, […]

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Book Review: The Wolf who cried Boy!


The Wolf Who Cried Boy! James O’Neill and Russell Ayto Picture Corgi I doubt there are many readers who aren’t familiar with the classic The Boy Who Cried Wolf story but what happens when someone turns the tale clean upside down? Well, in this instance, it’s something utterly delightful and funny to boot. On opposite sides […]

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Book Review: DIY ABC


In this uber creative, interactive DIY ABC book, this enthralling look at the alphabet is unlike anything else we’ve seen before. Get started on your own interpretation of the ABC’s by colouring, sketching, sticking, cutting and scribbling on each page. If you struggle with drawing in books, then this might not be for you, but […]

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Book Review: Story Path


So we’ve all seen the classic quest books and remember how much fun we had when we were youngsters selecting your own journey for the characters? Well, this is a truly innovative way to introduce the basics of good storytelling to a younger audience. With hundreds of story combinations, where you get to choose your own characters, settings […]

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Book Review: Duck Gets A Job


We have waited for Sonny Ross‘s debut picture book for some time now and it’s completely blown our socks off. Not only does the storyline completely resonate with us, but the beautiful palette he’s selected to illustrate this book with, is so inspired. Meet Duck. Duck’s friends all have professional jobs in the city and they never stop […]

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Book Review: Midnight At The Zoo


Midnight at the Zoo Faye Hanson Templar Publishing We join Max and Mia on a school trip to the zoo; but this is no ordinary zoo for seemingly there are no animals there at all. So where are the lemurs, flamingos, pandas and salamanders, the lions, meerkats and monkeys? There’s not a single one in […]

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Book Reviews: Mr Mustachio / George Pearce and His Huge Massive Ears


Mr Mustachio Yasmin Finch and Abigail Tompkins Maverick Arts Publishing I’ve never seen a moustache quite like that of the star of the show in this funny story. He’s very, very tall and thin, sports a maxi camel hair coat and pointy black boots; and on the day we meet him, is off for a […]

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