Book review: Me – A Compendium

This is a beautifully produced, highly interactive journal that captures each child’s individuality to perfection! It celebrates all that’s special about you, with plenty of additional surprises that lie on the back cover and underneath the dust jacket. Documenting everything from your favourite joke to your family’s quirkiest traits, this is factual yet humorous look at life through […]

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Book review: Mum…

There has recently been a resurgence and reinvention of some much loved classic children’s books, specifically for adults as gifts. The Ladybird books and now Famous Five. Brilliant gifts, that adults can identify with and enjoy. Mum … created by Morty Sey and Scott Chegg is a read for children first and foremost, but, the…

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International Picture Book Month

There is still time to join in the celebrations for International Picture Book Month, an international literacy initiative that celebrates the print picture book during the month of November. Every day in November a picture book champion shares why they think picture books are important. You can find out more about the initiative here.

Book Review: One Hundred Sausages

One Hundred Sausages Yuval Zommer Templar Publishing As a vegetarian, sausages are NOT my thing at all, I’ll cross the road to avoid walking past a butcher’s and I’m certainly no dog lover. That said I was more than happy to see the return of Scruff, mischievous mongrel of One Hundred Bones fame. This funny […]

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Book Review: Penguin Problems

This humorously melancholic tale brought a real smile to our faces and laughter from deep within our bellies. Penguin Problems provides some much needed perspective and a whole new view on life for the humble penguin. Surely life in Antartica can’t be that hard? You wouldn’t think so would you, but you’d be surprised! For […]

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Book Review: Leaping Lemmings

We love a tale that dares someone to be different and shows that standing out from the crowd can often be a positive experience. Take lemmings as a perfect example, they’re all alike. They look alike, sound alike and they even act alike, except that is, for one. Meet Larry. Larry likes to play with the puffins, bang […]

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