Book Review: There’s a Pig Up My Nose!


There’s a Pig Up My Nose! John Dougherty and Laura Hughes Egmont Publishing Can you imagine anything less likely than having a pig up your nose? Probably not, but that’s, seemingly at least, the problem troubling young Natalie when she wakes one morning, bounds down to breakfast and emits an OINK! from her nostrils. The […]

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Book Review: The Hamster

The Hamster Book Silvia Borando Walker Books I’m a huge Minibombo (Shapes Reshape!, Open Up Please!) enthusiast and so was thrilled so see the latest book in Silvia Borando’s superb series. Here, in tandem with an authorial narrative is – in similar fashion to Hervé Tulllet – a series of instructions (in blue print), kind […]

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How do you do Mr. Gnu? By Billy Coughlan and Maddie Frost

A beautiful envelope arrived… and a gold card fluttered out.. an invitation to tea WITH THE QUEEN! But will Mr Gnu learn some manners in time for the big day? Find out on the 28th March! Here’s a sneaky peek of a very special story…

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Book review: Sitting on a Chicken

screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-21-51-07Sitting on a Chicken Michael Chissick, illustrated by Sarah Peacock Singing Dragon What a wonderful title! What a wonderful book, but one would expect no less from yoga teacher and writer Michael Chissick. Its subtitle ‘the best ever 52 yoga games to teach in schools’ pretty much sums up the whole thing and right from […]

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Book Review: Also an Octopus

Also an Octopus Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Benji Davies Walker Books This collaboration between debut author, Maggie Tokuda-Hall and award-winning illustrator, Benji Davies (The Storm Whale, The Storm Whale in Winter and Grandad’s Island) is essentially a witty metanarrative about how to write a story. It’s littered with wonderfully whimsical characters – obviously characters are one […]

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International Book Giving Day

Annual event to share the love of books on Valentine’s Day. The aim of the day is to get ‘books into the hands of as many children as possible’. To find out how you or your organisation can get involved visit the event website here.