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Hide and Seek Anthony Browne Doubleday There are search and find picture books aplenty and then there is Anthony Browne’s game of Hide and Seek, which is in an altogether different class: a class of its own. And it’s actually Anthony Browne’s 50th picture book of his career. Herein the search is for a missing […]

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Book Review – Oi Cat! ~ Red Reading Hub

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Oi Cat! Kes Gray and Jim Field Hodder Children’s Books Frog is a stickler for the rules – his rules in particular – which is unfortunate for Cat whose turn it is to have his own book. Sadly though, for the feline at least, it’s been decreed that he, and all cats now ‘sit on […]

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Book review: Illegal ~ picture books blogger

A graphic novel like no other, we urge you to share this powerful and timely tale, far and wide. ‘Illegal‘ is a hard-hitting, empathetically illustrated piece of fiction and one which makes for a particularly tough, but a nonetheless very necessary read. The story will undoubtedly help younger readers understand more clearly the plight of refugees […]

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