Book Review: Spyder — Red Reading Hub


Spyder Matt Carr Scholastic Children’s Books Meet Spyder, reputedly the world’s smallest secret agent and penthouse flat resident at No. 7 Fleming Road wherein a special birthday is about to be celebrated. Suddenly, as the agent has just settled down for a spot of reading she receives an urgent call from HQ. Instantly, or almost […]

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Book Review: Meet the Ancient Romans ~ Red Reading Hub


Meet the … Ancient Romans James Davies Big Picture Press This is one of a new history series. It’s an engaging look at the Ancient Romans, presented with an exuberance that young readers will find both highly entertaining and illuminating. Small chunks of information are delivered with a gentle wit, on almost thirty topics. These […]

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Celebrate International Book Giving Day!

“International Book Giving Day is a 100% volunteer initiative aimed at increasing children’s access to and enthusiasm for books.” International Book Giving Day is celebrated every year on 14th February, share your love of books by gifting a book to a child on the day. For more ideas about how you can join in click here for details.


Book Review: Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger Jonny Lambert Little Tiger Press I randomly opened my copy of Jonny Lambert’s latest offering at this spread … and instantly knew I was in picture book paradise. That strutting Tiger looking so disdainful while an excited Cub is endeavouring to interest him in the colourful butterfly he’s just spotted on a plant, […]

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How do you do Mr. Gnu? By Billy Coughlan and Maddie Frost

A beautiful envelope arrived… and a gold card fluttered out.. an invitation to tea WITH THE QUEEN! But will Mr Gnu learn some manners in time for the big day? Find out on the 28th March! Here’s a sneaky peek of a very special story…

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International Book Giving Day

Annual event to share the love of books on Valentine’s Day. The aim of the day is to get ‘books into the hands of as many children as possible’. To find out how you or your organisation can get involved visit the event website here.