Book Review: The Hamster

The Hamster Book Silvia Borando Walker Books I’m a huge Minibombo (Shapes Reshape!, Open Up Please!) enthusiast and so was thrilled so see the latest book in Silvia Borando’s superb series. Here, in tandem with an authorial narrative is – in similar fashion to Hervé Tulllet – a series of instructions (in blue print), kind […]

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Book Review: The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod Robert Louis Stevenson and Robert Hunter Flying Eye Books An altogether contemporary feel has been given to a classic Robert Louis Stevenson children’s poem through the fantastical artistry of illustrator Robert Hunter. Herein we meet an injured boy who spends his days indoors at home with nothing but his toys for […]

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Book review: Mum…

There has recently been a resurgence and reinvention of some much loved classic children’s books, specifically for adults as gifts. The Ladybird books and now Famous Five. Brilliant gifts, that adults can identify with and enjoy. Mum … created by Morty Sey and Scott Chegg is a read for children first and foremost, but, the…

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Book Review: Leaping Lemmings

We love a tale that dares someone to be different and shows that standing out from the crowd can often be a positive experience. Take lemmings as a perfect example, they’re all alike. They look alike, sound alike and they even act alike, except that is, for one. Meet Larry. Larry likes to play with the puffins, bang […]

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Book Review: Black Powder

‘Black Powder’ is the explosive debut from Ally Sherrick packed full of excitement, danger and intrigue. England 1605, Twelve year old Tom is in a terrifying race against time to save his father from the hangman’s noose. In desperation he makes a deal with a fearsome scarred stranger, know only as the Falcon. But unwittingly Tom […]

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