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By Amar ToorCommunications and Digital Officer, Directorate for Education and SkillsImage credit: Nathan Dumlao/UnsplashIn an article published in 2017, University of Sydney professor Colm Harmon argues that the challenge facing today’s university students is one of “ambiguity”.“They have more options on many fronts, but face a world that is closing in around them,” Harmon writes.…

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Book Review: The Hamster

The Hamster Book Silvia Borando Walker Books I’m a huge Minibombo (Shapes Reshape!, Open Up Please!) enthusiast and so was thrilled so see the latest book in Silvia Borando’s superb series. Here, in tandem with an authorial narrative is – in similar fashion to Hervé Tulllet – a series of instructions (in blue print), kind […]

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Resource: Practical Politics by Titus Alexander

Timely and topical resource that should feature in every educator’s tool kit. As a Post 16 Educator involved in the delivery of subjects such as social cultural and spiritual studies and citizenship, I was very interested to read about this new title and have ordered a copy. This blog post from the IOE (Institute of Education) London Blog explains more about it. Should make for some more informed lessons and discussions.


Book Review: Two Can

‘Two Can‘ is a clever and positive read for younger children. We are introduced to one child, who can do everything quite well on their own, thank you very much – go on the swing, ride a bike, read a book, but two can’t. Initially, the first child won’t allow another child to join in, […]

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